Founded in 2004 by Prof. S Caroline Taylor AM,

Children of Phoenix provides a unique service,

the only one of its type in Australia,

offering educational scholarships to survivors of child sexual assault,

providing educational pathways and fulfilling dreams,

assisting in the rebuilding process where education may have been

interrupted due to the heinous crimes committed upon them.

“Education – all types and at all levels – not only improves our life chances and our life choices, but enables us to sculpt and create new landscapes and new vistas that widen our own horizons; allowing us to achieve our dreams; to have knowledge for greater, more informed choices and; to rebuild a life on our terms and not those forced upon us through the actions of an abuser and associated trauma.”

Prof. S Caroline Taylor AM.

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What you may not know …..

 The sexual abuse of children remains one of the most urgent and unremitting issues across the globe.  The current Royal Commission Inquiry into child sexual offending in institutional settings (Australia) has given national currency to an entrenched and critical social problem.

While the current and ongoing Royal Commission is viewed by many as an unprecedented examination of child sexual abuse in this country, the reality is that it avoids any focus or recognition of where the majority of child sexual abuse occurs, which is within a family setting.

Child sexual abuse is a heinous and shocking crime, however history reveals an ongoing propensity for society and governments to avoid a thorough examination of the social institution of family as a site where the greatest forms of violence and offending against children occur (Taylor, 2014).

To read more, click here:  A message from the Children of Phoenix Founder on child sexual abuse in Australia


What sets Children Of Phoenix apart from other Foundations?

The educational scholarships we provide are ‘life long’ i.e.: they provide knowledge and skills that have both immediate and long term benefits for our Recipients, in turn, this creates improved professional opportunities for them in their chosen vocation as well as increased personal health and well-being, this is unlike most other Foundations across Australia and Internationally.

Education – Life Long – Invaluable!



The Children of Phoenix Scholarship Fund has DGR status therefore donations over $2 and Sponsorship of educational scholarships are all tax-deductible.


Education & Training

The new Victorian legislation for reporting of suspected child sexual abuse now makes it mandatory for every person to report suspected child sexual abuse.

There are penalties for failing to report suspected child sexual abuse.

Protecting children and young people from sexual abuse is everyone’s responsibility.

We each can play a vital role in protecting children and preventing abuse and speaking out to give voice on behalf of children everywhere.

Child Safe Standards came into effect 1st January 2017.

Children of Phoenix has the expertise in the area of child sexual abuse to assist your community, your club or organisation to ensure that you are knowledgeable, effective and accountable with regard to child sexual abuse.

Professor Caroline Taylor AM is an internationally recognised expert who has influenced policy, training and law reform in the area of child sexual abuse.

In November 2016 Professor Taylor was invited to Address the Council of Europe in France on the topic of child sexual abuse affecting children around the world.  Professor Taylor has provided expert training on child sexual abuse on motivators and facilitators for disclosure; responding to disclosures and trauma informed responses and the impact on social death on victim/survivors.

She has provided this training by invitation to INTERPOL Police in Europe; UK; US and Australia as well as to police training academies in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

She has also provided training to school teachers; medical practitioners; psychologists; the judiciary; welfare organisations; community groups and general community as well as private workshops for survivors of sexual abuse.

Half day and full day workshops are available and can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation or community.

Please email your enquiries to:

Public Speaking Engagements

Professor Taylor’s wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise is sought all across the globe.

Caroline has provided by Invitation, Keynote Addresses to Interpol (Europe), The Council of Europe, The AsiaPacific Police Commissioners’ Forum, The National Judicial College and International Womens’ Day,  among others.

If you have a Corporate Function or Academic Event that requires a Professional Speaker who delivers both Motivational and Inspirational Keynotes, Forums, Workshops or, you may have an idea that is not yet fully formulated that you believe would benefit from her involvement, please email your enquiries to:


We respectfully acknowledge the history, culture, diversity, and value of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,
and pay respect to their elders past & present, as well as acknowledging the future generations.