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#BeBrave     #BraveMovement


Rosalia Rivera(She/Her) • 1stConsent Educator, TEDx Speaker, Chair of SAGE, Podcast Host4 days ago

Consent Educator

 Abuse Prevention Specialist

Sexual Literacy Advocate

TEDx Speaker

Chair of SAGE (Survivor Advocates Globally Empowered)

Rape Culture Disruptor

founder of CONSENTparenting™

host of the AboutCONSENT™ podcast

creatrix of CONSENTwear™ and

CSA Survivor & Thriver

Canadian Centre for Child Protection®

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada



We hope that you are able to watch the following 4 minutes so that you can share it,

spread awareness and take inspired action.

Please note, however, some of this content may be upsetting.

Please take care of your mental health above all.

To watch this video, please click on this link:  STATE OF GLOBAL CRISIS

I invite you, encourage you, ask you, and implore you to sign and share this G7 Petition with your networks and spread the word.


With Canada being a G7 member, it’s our responsibility to support this effort and put it on the G7 Agenda!!!

We need governments to put more funding and aide to programs of prevention, healing and justice!


Want to get more involved? Let’s connect.

LinkedIn – Rosalia Rivera