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2017 Annual Cupcake Morning Tea – Sept 6th!

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Join with us and help change a victim’s life from surviving to thriving! 


The Children of Phoenix Foundation is a registered not for profit charity with full DGR status.  We are a local charity (Victoria, Australia) and we have provided significant assistance to victim/survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), children, youth and adults in this community over many years.  

We receive no government assistance and rely solely on donations and the fundraising events run by our volunteers. 

Our charity is unique in that it is the only one of its kind to provide educational scholarships and mentoring to victim/survivors of CSA, to facilitate and provide educational pathways for those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse – and lost their educational pathways as a consequence of the abuse.

As such, we invest in the child, the young person and adults to enable them to achieve educational goals that transform their lives giving them an asset that can never be lost or taken away from them.

The sensitivity of the subject matter, CSA, and the fact that our work is conducted in privacy, guided by principles of confidentiality, means that we are not able to ‘promote’ the positive impact and help we give as most other charities can and do.

With the initiation of the Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, our charity is being inundated with requests for assistance, advice and help and we are stretched to our limit and are doing much pro bono and volunteer work well beyond our capacity and our budget.

During the 2017 National Child Protection Week (September 3rd – 9th) we are asking businesses, groups and organisations to host a ‘Cupcake’ morning or afternoon tea on September 6th, 2017.  This is a perfect way to positively recognise National Child Protection Week and the value and preciousness of children and their needs, whilst helping to raise much needed funds for our charity. 

Over the past 3 years Woolworths Sebastopol has been our wonderful sponsor for this very important event however, this year Woolworths Alfredton (Lucas) has offered their generous support as our sponsor for the 2017 CoP Cupcake Morning Tea and we are again asking folk to purchase our cupcakes which will be personally delivered in the local Ballarat and surrounding suburbs. These cupcakes are $5 each and they will be professionally baked and hand decorated in our charity colours of purple and silver.

For our supporters who are based outside of the local Ballarat and surrounding suburbs, we encourage you to participate by hosting your own 2017 CoP Cupcake Morning or Afternoon Tea, and if we have a Woolworths Partner in your area, we will co-ordinate with them to ensure your order for cupcakes and your delivery are on time and delicious!

For a donation to the charity I will be available to attend the morning tea or afternoon tea in some areas and provide a short talk to staff or public about the theme of National Child Protection Week 2017.

We would be delighted if you would have your organisation host a morning tea/afternoon tea or host a private morning tea/afternoon tea seeking donations for our charity.

Childhood sexual abuse occurs in every community and sadly Ballarat has been identified as a site of historical significance with regard to CSA in institutional settings however, what you may not know is that the majority of childhood sexual abuse occurs within family settings.  

Our charity is contacted by so many victim/survivors seeking our help and our Board Members work very hard in a very private capacity, in fact tirelessly, to address this issue and to help those in our communities.  All our Board Members and our volunteers work for free i.e.: they do not get paid for any work they do.  Your support of this event will be a positive and powerful message to the wider community and to victim/survivors that people all across Australia, do care and do support our efforts to assist them in the proactive and unique ways that the Children of Phoenix Foundation does.

We feel that the ‘Children of Phoenix Cupcake Morning Tea’ is a positive way to generate reflection and clear messages about children and CSA and raise funds to help us maintain the invaluable work we do.

Sincerely and with warmest wishes,

Professor S. Caroline Taylor AM

Founder and Chair, Children of Phoenix Organisation

Annual Cup Cake Morning Tea Order Form 2017