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#EndChildSexAbuseDay      #PreventionHealingJustice

Global Movement Calls for Establishing November 18, 2021 as the First Annual  “World Day of Action in Recognition of Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against Children & Adolescents”


Survivors and aspiring allies around the world

are building a global movement and mobilizing on

November 18, 2021 to launch the First Annual:


“World Day of Action in Recognition of Prevention,

Healing and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against

Children & Adolescents.” 


The intentions of this global mobilization are to:

  • Acknowledge the magnitude of the global crisis of sexual violence against children and adolescents;
  • Call for systemic change in communities, countries, and globally to address this global crisis;
  • Call for long-term, sustained funding for organizations focused on “prevention, healing, and justice” to ensure programs reach all children everywhere; 
  • Unite organizations and advocates across disciplines, promote partnerships and share resources for effective “prevention, healing, and justice” policies and full scale programs that reach and safeguard all children everywhere; 
  • Ensure that survivor voices and experiences are heard, acknowledged, honored and included in governing and decision-making bodies. 

This day/date has been recognised by the Council Of Europe (COE) since 2015 and organisations around the world have been supporting this but equally recognise the importance of bringing an end to these heinous crimes world-wide and therefore, have created the Global Action Alliance, of which Caroline has been chosen as 1 of 15 survivor advocates.


Quote from Professor S. Caroline Taylor AM as part of the

Global Action Alliance, New York, USA:

“Globally, the sexual abuse of children remains an urgent and unremitting wicked issue.  A global day of recognition and action will provide a platform for survivors to speak out for change, justice, hope and healing; and to empower victims to disclose and obtain help. In Australia, intrafamilial rape, which is the sexual abuse of children in the family by a relative or step-relative, continues to be silenced by stigma, ignorance and lack of committed action, despite the fact that intrafamilial sexual abuse is the most prevalent and repetitive form of child sexual abuse.  Survivor advocates are leading the charge for a day of global action and we will not stop until it is achieved. I am so proud of my fellow survivor peers from around the world who are working together to make history for November 18 to be a global day of action regarding child sexual abuse.”


3AW – Melbourne’s favourite news and talk station – 3AW

Professor S. Caroline Taylor AM has recorded an interview with 3AW and this will be run over the 17th and 18th November!


So far, stakeholders in over 50 countries, including the 47 countries of the European Council, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, India, Kenya, Nepal, USA, and many other countries, cities, and communities are joining forces to kick-off a global mobilization in support of the #Nov18WorldDay.


#Nov18WorldDay Action Update, as of 13 October 2021

To read this PFD, click here: 18 November

For more information about: Global Movement to End Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents

“By creating a clear, indisputable, public record of the atrocities that African Americans and people of color experienced on a constant, daily basis, we were able to build a movement that transformed the face of our nation.”  

Rep. John Lewis, original co-sponsor of H.Con.Res. 100


Jeanie Dean



Jeanie Dean(She/Her)

Specialist in Child Safety, Governance, Abuse Risk, Safety and Compliance
We have come so far and we have so far left to travel in the fight to combat crimes against children and young people.

It’s important to remember that we can not do this in isolation. Jon Rouse APM recently said “it takes a network to stop a network”

Prof S. Caroline Taylor AM PhD has dedicated her life to the safety of children, young and vulnerable people and I and my team at FamSAFE are proud and delighted to say we walk beside her and every survivor in support of a Global Movement to call for Establishing November 18, 2021 as the First Annual “World Day of Action in Recognition of Prevention, Healing and Justice to End Sexual Violence Against Children & Adolescents”


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