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Civic Reception To Honour Children of Phoenix

By September 12, 2014October 24th, 2014No Comments

On Friday, September 12, 2014 the Ballarat City Council honoured Children of Phoenix with a Civic Reception to formally recognise and acknowledge the contribution and work of the charity.  We were truly honoured to have the Mayor of Ballarat,  Joshua Morris speak openly of the valuable contribution our charity makes to the lives of those affected by childhood sexual abuse.  Moreover, Mayor Morris highlighted that our work goes largely unseen and unrecognised due to the sensitive area and therefore does not receive the public exposure or promotion needed to support what we do – and in doing so urged the community to support Children of Phoenix.  Ballarat City Council host only a handful of Civic Receptions each year and so we are privileged to have this recognition for the commitment and efforts undertaken by members of the Board and Friends of Phoenix volunteers.

The Reception was well attended with local MP’s, sponsors and donors attending as well as survivors who have benefited from past scholarships.  Our Founder and Chair Professor S. Caroline Taylor AM spoke at the Civic Reception and took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank her Board and volunteers for their selfless commitment and hard work to help those affected by childhood sexual abuse.  Professor Taylor also acknowledged the support from sponsors and donors and spoke to the importance of education to support the dreams and aspirations of children, youth and adults whose educational pathways have been adversely affected by childhood sexual abuse.