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There is a lot of activity happening with us at CoP

and this is the perfect time to …..

Jump on board and be part of our

Journey – Together!

  • Have you ever thought of becoming a Board Member of a Not-For-Profit organisation or foundation?
  • Have you ever wanted to become a Volunteer for a NFP Foundation that is recognised on the Global/International stage?
  • Do you possess skills and experience that would benefit an organisation such as Children Of Phoenix?
  • Do you know of anyone who would be interested in working with us to bring a higher level of awareness to our cause?
  • Have you been a recipient of our Educational Scholarships in the past and would now like to participate with us in our fundraising and awareness events?
  • Do you know of any suitable applicants who would be interested in applying for one of our Educational Scholarships?
  • Do you want to help a victim/survivor benefit from one of our Educational Scholarships by way of improving their self esteem, their confidence, their employment, their general health and well being?
  • Do you want to contribute, to give a Victim of childhood sexual abuse life long skills and learning experiences that will help them become part of our community, where they will thrive and prosper with a new quality of life?
  • Do you know of any child (or children) who is currently at risk of child sex abuse?
  • Do you know of any child (or children) who is currently being subjected to child sex abuse?
  • Do you know of any perpetrators who are yet to be identified to the Police and other Authorities?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions,

We can help You and You can help Us!


Together WE can make a difference to the lives of those

whose voices have been silenced!


Please email me for more information at: